About us

Who we are

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the shipping business, providing high-quality services in Argentina as well as in Uruguay.

Our team is distinguished by the development of efficiency, reliability and is dedicated to the constant seek of solutions, building a relationship of loyalty and trust with each of our clients.

Our main objective is to maintain the standards of excellence within an honest environment, understanding the position of our customers, their role and to furnish them with the professionalism they expect from our service.

Our main foundations

Reliability and responsibility: Not only do we rely on our experienced team, but we are also proud of our coworkers and trusted service suppliers who day by day prove having the same principles and working standards as us, seeking excellence and reliability on every single call.

Swift response: In such a dynamic environment as the one we are currently living in, it is essential to have the necessary adaptability and flexibility to be able to solve problems and look for the best ways and methods to deal with any inconveniences that may occur. Blue star company stands out for constantly looking for new alternatives and suitable ways to face and solve our client’s problems effectively.

Expertise: Not only the founders of blue star company are professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the business but the whole structure of the company is consolidated in order to work effectively. All the areas are looking for the greatest benefit for our clients always putting on the top the quality in the work and the services offered.

Our company relies on transparency to inform about the present situation of the company and the country. We make our best efforts so that our communications are clear, detailed and explicit, in order to avoid misinterpretation and the spread of misinformation.

Every action and decision of the company and their employees is carried out with honesty, which has been the company's main policy since the beginning.

Quality Policy

Blue Star Company S.A. is an organisation that has the Management System approved according to the regulations established by ISO 9001. In this way we are able to improve our quality standards and provide our customers with an excellent service.